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RESOLUTION 09-02: EPO Bigeye

The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) meeting in Paris, France;

Noting that the objective of the ISSF is to facilitate the effective conservation and management of tuna resources and the ecosystem to which they belong;

Recalling that the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) is responsible for monitoring the fisheries for tuna and other tuna-like species taken by vessels fishing in the eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO), conducting scientific studies of the population of these species and to make recommendations to the governments of the High Contracting Parties to the IATTC which are designed to maintain the populations of tunas and tuna-like species at levels of abundance that can sustain maximum catches year after year.;

Noting that the IATTC scientific staff has concluded that overfishing of the bigeye stock in the EPO is occurring;

Noting further that the IATTC has tried, and failed, six times over the past two years to enact resolutions on the conservation of EPO bigeye, so that a bigeye conservation measure has not been in place since 2007;

Recognizing ; that the IATTC is scheduled to meet in June 2009, for the Annual Meeting, and will address conservation measures for EPO bigeye at this meeting;

Determined to address the conservation of EPO bigeye;

Resolves to:

1. Urge the IATTC to enact meaningful conservation measures, consistent with the advice of its scientific staff, at the upcoming IATTC Annual Meeting in June, 2009.

2. Adopt the conservation measure that processors, traders, importers, transporters and others involved in the seafood industry refrain from transactions in bigeye tuna caught in the EPO after September 1, 2009 unless scientific-based conservation measures are in place for EPO bigeye.

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