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Already Swimming with Sharks in the Indian Ocean

Posted by Laurent Dagorn
6 April 2012

Our latest cruise in the Indian Ocean is well under way and I’m coordinating with the researchers who are on board from here on land in the Seychelles. While it’s been just a week out at sea, so far we’ve documented some extremely interesting things.

Patrice, JD and Fabien, our scientists on board the Torre Giulia, have visited 14 different FADs – one of which had 40 sharks gathered! – and they started work on a number of research projects, including:

  • Starting an underwater visual census
  • Tagging fish to track their natural behavior and using echosounder buoys
  • Tagging six sharks to track their survival rates
  • Attempting to lure sharks away from the FAD with a bucket of chum
  • testing the electronic monitoring system (archipelago)

During our 11-day cruise last year we had some promising results attracting sharks away from a FAD. It’s important that during this cruise we’re able to test the practice even further, and during regular fishing operations, in order to determine if the practice would be viable for vessels to replicate on a regular basis.

As the Torre continues on its trip, we’ll keep blogging about preliminary experiences.

Dr. Laurent Dagorn is a senior scientist working for the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (France). He is also a member of the ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee and serves as Chair of the ISSF Bycatch Project Steering Committee.

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