Fisher Training to Improve Post-Release Survival of Incidentally Captured Marine Turtles in Costa Rica

By Mariluz Parga and Sandra Andraka 22 August 2016 This project is an

CIAT90: Cierto Progreso, Pero Grandes Cuestiones Aún por Resolver

La Comisión Pospone la Conservación del Atún Hasta la Reunión de Octubre

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IATTC90: Some Progress, But Big Issues Yet to Be Resolved

Commission Punts Tuna Conservation to October Meeting

Posted by Holly Koehler, Gala Moreno & Pablo Guerrero 12 July 2016 Holly

Prioridades para las Pesquerías de Atún del Pacífico Oriental

CIAT se prepara para la 90ª reunión de la Comisión. Nuestra coalición tiene una lista de cosas que nos gustaría ver a las naciones miembros logran.

9 de junio de 2016 La Comisión Interamericana del Atún Tropical (CIAT) se

Grandes Expectativas para CIAT90

ISSF y WWF fijan prioridades para la próxima reunión de la CIAT

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High Expectations for IATTC90

ISSF and WWF set priorities for the upcoming IATTC meeting

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Priorities for Eastern Pacific Tuna Fisheries

IATTC is getting ready for the 90th meeting of the Commission. Our coalition has a list of things we would like to see member nations accomplish.

June 9, 2016 The Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) is getting ready to

In Rebuilding Tuna Stocks Diminished by Overfishing, Study Confirms Value of Fisheries Management, Regulatory Enforcement Measures

A new study confirms that the combination of strong fisheries management and consistent enforcement of regulations is effective in helping overfished tuna stocks rebuild their populations.

8 June 2016 Thanks to strong fisheries management and strictly enforced regulatory measures—especially

IOTC 20 Recap

IOTC Takes Important Steps for Skipjack Tuna, Falls Short on Yellowfin

2 June 2016 Posted by Claire van der Geest and Wetjens Dimmlich    The

Improved Monitoring in the World’s Largest Tuna Fishing Ground

The whys and hows of testing EMS on longline tuna vessels in the WCPO

Posted by Malo Hosken   18 May 2016   You can’t fix what