Bolton Alimentari’s Luciano Pirovano New ISSF Board Chair

ISSF announced today the appointment of Bolton Alimentari’s Luciano Pirovano as Chair of its Board of Directors. Mr. Pirovano, International Marketing & Corporate Responsibility (CSR) Director at Bolton, succeeds Juan Corrales, CEO, Grupo Conservas Garavilla, in the role.

“I would like to thank Juan for his many contributions to ISSF. Under his leadership, ISSF has grown from 17 to 28 participating companies. We’ve also made strides to achieve, in his words, ‘a transparent, traceable, and fully compliant tuna industry.’ Last year, ISSF began publishing detailed audit reports evaluating each participating company’s compliance with our conservation measures,” said ISSF President Susan Jackson.

“I know Juan joins me in applauding the appointment of Luciano to this dynamic and important position. As we near the close of our 2013-2017 Strategic Plan, with more momentum, partners and progress than ever before, ISSF is well poised for our future. We are confident in Luciano’s abilities to take us there.”  

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NEW! Marine Science Today Article on Biodegradable FADs

FADs are often crafted from durable materials like PVC pipe, nylon nets and synthetic rope. Materials from lost or abandoned FADs eventually disperse, sink or wash ashore. As a result, researchers have documented a steady rise in reef damage, ocean-floor litter, and floating pollutants, all involving long-lived plastic debris.

In response, scientists at ISSF are investigating alternative, low-impact FAD structures. In a new guest article for Marine Science Today, ISSF researcher and marine scientist Dr. Gala Moreno shares insights gained from a workshop on biodegradable FAD design. Fishing masters from fleets operating in all of the world’s oceans joined our scientists around the table at Spain’s Donostia/San Sebastian Aquarium, exchanging ideas and exploring the possibilities of natural FAD materials.

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