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ISSF encourages all fishers, processors, traders, importers, transporters, retailers and brands to make the commitment to better practices for tuna fishing. We’ve developed some resources to help identify and track key improvements.

Compliance Policy

ISSF Participating Companies are members of the International Seafood Sustainability Association (ISSA).  All Members of International Seafood Sustainability Trade Association, Inc. (“ISSA”) are obligated to comply with the ISSA Bylaws.  ISSA’s Bylaws provide as a sufficient cause for suspension or expulsion from Membership “failure to adhere to the seafood sustainability standards as promulgated by the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation” (Section 3.13.2(c)).  To maintain the legitimacy of ISSA and the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (“ISSF”), frequent and comprehensive reviews shall be undertaken by ISSF staff and consultants to assure compliance with ISSF sustainability standards.

Click here to download the compliance policy   |   Click here to download the ISSF Bylaws  |   Click here to report information


The operative paragraphs of all ISSF Board of Directors approved resolutions have been translated and are available for download. You can access these documents in English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean, French and Japanese.

Click here to access the resolutions

Compliance Checklist

The following self-compliance checklist has been prepared by ISSF to assist tuna purchasers in their efforts to assure that the purse seine caught tuna they source meets all applicable ISSF conservation measures (a) in effect as of this date and (b) coming into effect in 2013.

Note, the Proactive Vessel Register (“PVR”) maintained by ISSF provides a tool to verify compliance with many of the conservation measures, as indicated by the inclusion of “PVR Verifiable” as applicable.

Click here to download the checklist  

Summary Of Conservation Measures 

This document details specific ISSF Board resolutions and conservation measures. The measures address 6 Strategic Focus: Control and Reduce Fishing Capacity, Mitigate Bycatch, Eliminate Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Fishing, Expand Data Support to Regional Fishery Management Organizations, Advance Performance in Monitoring, Control and Surveillance, Improve Overall Tuna Stock Health.

Click here to download the summary

ProActive Vessel Register (PVR)

The PVR is an innovative and effective way for vessel owners to highlight meaningful sustainability efforts. The database verifies the positive steps vessels take in order to improve responsible practices in tuna fishing.

Click here to access the PVR