UPDATED: ISSF Technical Reports on RFMO Best Practices

A series of ISSF technical reports analyze and evaluate key elements of fisheries management at tuna RFMOs—from authorized vessel lists to RFMO compliance assessment processes. Updated to reflect 2020 outcomes, each report: describes the practice or policy at issue in detail; surveys how that practice is implemented at tuna RFMOs; and closes with best practice recommendations for global tuna fisheries managers.

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Transshipment: Strengthening Tuna RFMO Transshipment Regulations

Survey of Human Observer Programs for Purse Seine Vessels and a Set of Best Practices

Tuna RFMO Compliance Assessment Processes: A Comparative Analysis to Identify Best Practices

Port State Measures in Tuna RFMOs: Benchmarking RFMO Port State Measures Against the 2009 FAO PSMA and Identifying Gaps

RFMO Vessel Monitoring Systems: A Comparative Analysis to Identify Best Practices

Survey of the Treatment of Support/Supply/Tender Vessels in Tuna RFMOs

Tuna RFMO Authorised Vessel Lists: A Comparative Analysis to Identify Best Practices

Combatting IUU Fishing: Continual Improvement and Best Practices for IUU Listing Measures in Tuna RFMOs


UPDATED: Tuna FIPs & MSC Tuna Fisheries Tables

The ISSF website lists tuna fishery improvement projects (FIPs) that have profile pages on the FisheryProgress.org site. Each tuna FIP name in the table is linked to its FisheryProgress.org description. The FIP types and stages are defined by Fishery Progress in its FIP Glossary. You can sort and filter the table by column.

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A second recently updated table shows tuna fisheries worldwide that either have been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or are currently undergoing a full assessment to become certified. Helping tuna fisheries meet sustainability criteria to achieve the MSC certification standard — without conditions — is ISSF’s ultimate objective. Tuna fishery names are linked to their pages on the MSC Track a Fishery site. You can sort or filter by column.

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