Albacore (Thunnus alalunga), one of the smaller major tuna species, is a temperate species widely distributed in temperate and tropical waters. Albacore tend to travel in single species schools, without the level of mixing seen with other species. Association with floating objects is not common.


Size (cm) Weight (kg) Age (yrs)
Common 40-100
Maximum 130
Maturity 75-90 8-15 2-5


  • Generally limited to temperate and tropical waters
  • From 45-50o North and 30-40o South in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Ranges from 5o North to 40o South in the Indian Ocean, with adults occurring from 5o North to 25o South


The following six Albacore stocks are assessed and managed by the RFMOs:

  • North Pacific Ocean
  • South Pacific Ocean
  • North Atlantic Ocean
  • South Atlantic Ocean
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Indian Ocean
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