Bigeye (Thunnus obesus) are found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the Atlantic (but not in the Mediterranean), Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Bigeye reach similar maximum sizes as yellowfin tuna. Bigeye can form either free-swimming schools or schools associated with floating objects. Juvenile bigeye will form schools with juvenile yellowfin and skipjack tunas. 

In: FAO Species Catalogue, Vol. 2. Scombrids of the World (1983). Courtesy of Fisheries and Aquaculture Department/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


  Size (cm) Weight (kg) Age (yrs)
Common 40-180 1.4-130  
Maximum 230 210 15
Maturity 102-135 25-57 3-4


  • From 55-60° N and 45-50° S
  • Juvenile and reproductively active adult bigeye are found in equatorial waters as well as at higher latitudes. 


The following four bigeye stocks are assessed and managed by the RFMOs:

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