Investigating Collaborative Solutions to Protect Threatened Manta Rays

Melissa Cronin, University of California, Santa Cruz

The Year in Tuna Sustainability: Some Celebrations, Some Disappointments

Many Points on the Horizon Are Looking Much Brighter, But Regulators, Industry Remain Adrift in Challenging Seas.

Holly Koehler

Date: January 3, 2020

One of the biggest fish in Silicon Valley, Elon Musk, stirs up turbulence with just about everything he says. But, as I reviewed 2019’s record of progress in tuna sustainability, one of his comments came back to me, calm and clear. “I’m learning patience,” he…

Decoding the acoustic signatures of bigeye and skipjack tuna at sea could help fishers estimate the number of fish by species and size — and reduce bycatch

One species at a time, ISSF researchers confirm the value of an innovation that improves echo-sounding technology

By Gala Moreno, PhD Your lunchtime tuna melt or sashimi platter may seem tame, but the main ingredient probably was swimming wild in the tropics not too long ago. Although that wild existence makes your tuna tasty and firm, it limits the ability of fishers…