ISSF 2017-04: Questions and Answers about FADs and Bycatch*

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Tags:Biodegradable FADs, Bycatch, Dagorn, FADs, Justel-Rubio, Non-Entangling FADs, Purse Seine, Restrepo, Tuna
Authors:Dagorn, Justel-Rubio, Restrepo
Author(s):Victor Restrepo, Laurent Dagorn, and Ana Justel-Rubio
report_type:Technical Report


This report presents answers to key questions about Fish Aggregating Devices, or FADs — inanimate objects used to aggregate tunas.

The authors compare the catch composition of target tuna species in FAD and Free-Swimming School purse seine sets, consider the bycatch of nontarget species (including from a conservation viewpoint), discuss fishing in relation to juvenile tunas, and address other issues.

This document updates an earlier version (Dagorn and Restrepo, 2011) with more recent data and findings.