ISSF 2019-01: ISSF Skippers' Workshops Round 8*

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Tags: Bycatch, Bycatch Mitigation, Dagorn, FADs, Itano, Jefferson Murua, Moreno, Purse Seine, Restrepo, Skippers Workshops
Authors: Dagorn, Itano, J. Murua, Moreno, Restrepo
Language: English
report_type: Technical Report


This report summarizes bycatch mitigation findings from Round 8 of the ISSF Skippers Workshops conducted in 2018 at 15 locations. Fishers from multiple tropical tuna purse seine fleets working in all oceans provided feedback on bycatch release in the net and on deck, use of non-entangling biodegradable FADs, FAD retrieval, bycatch utilization, fishing technology and fishing strategies.