ISSF 2016-01: Observer Programs for Purse Seine Vessels and Best Practices*

Date added February 3, 2016
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Tags IUU, Observer Programs, RFMOs
Author(s) Holly Koehler


Purse seine fisheries in all oceans are required to carry some level of human observer coverage in accordance with measures adopted by the relevant regional fisheries management organization (RFMO) for some or all of the year or in certain areas. These observer requirements are met through national, regional or RFMO-coordinated programs, or a combination of such programs. In addition, in some oceans, coastal States require observer coverage for foreign flagged vessels licensed to operate in waters under their national jurisdiction. These various observer programs vary in terms of program management, entrance requirements, training program structure and course content, the function of the observer, among other areas. This technical paper surveys a number of national and/or regional or sub-regional programs in place and in use in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and develops a set of best practice standards for observer programs for purse seine vessels. States and RFMOs are encouraged to use these best practice standards in the development of or strengthening of national, regional or sub-regional human observer programs for fishing vessels.