ISSF 2016-04: Tuna RFMO Authorised Vessel Lists. A Comparative Analysis to Identify Best Practices*

Date added February 3, 2016
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Category Illegal Fishing, Technical and Meeting Reports, Technical Reports
Author(s) Claire van der Geest


The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) has undertaken to review the authorised and active vessel lists implemented by tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (t-RFMOs).

The review demonstrates that the requirements of the t-RFMOs are largely consistent, but that further harmonisation of t-RFMOs authorised vessel lists measures is likely to support MCS activities, including in the identification of IUU fishing activities, both within a single region and globally. The Review considers merit in implementing an active vessel list, including enhancing its functionality or, where applicable, introducing a measure creating an active vessel list to enable verification of fleet capacity and monitoring the use of vessels listed on the list of authorised vessels. In t-RFMOs that have implemented an active vessel list there is a secondary way to verify the compliance of members and in other instances the active list is being used to manage overall fishing capacity. Suggested best practices and minimum standards are provided in Section VI.