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ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report

ISSF’s Update to ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report shows a conformance rate of 95.6 percent by 25 ISSF participating companies as of October 31, 2016, across all 20 measures then in effect.

The November 2016 Update is based on audits conducted June 2016–October 2016 on measures where some companies had “minor” or “major” nonconformance. Improvements noted since the June 2016 ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitment Compliance Report was published include:

  • 14 companies were found to be fully compliant with all 20 measures
  • 19 companies were fully compliant in 17 or more conservation measures.

The ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report is published annually to track ISSF participating companies’ progress in conforming with ISSF conservation measures like these:

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About ISSF Conservation Measures

Since its inception, ISSF has adopted conservation measures and commitments to facilitate its mission with the intent that tuna processors, traders and others involved in the seafood industry will follow them to facilitate real and continuous improvement across global tuna stocks. 
ISSF Participating Companies commit to conform to these conservation measures to improve the long-term health of tuna fisheries. They also must adhere to the Compliance PolicyAudit reports are published for all companies in aggregate as well as for individual companies. 

ISSF conservation measures as of October 2016 that are focused on Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS).

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