WATCH: Scientists test method to save sharks incidentally caught in tuna purse seine net

A new video shows scientists testing a method to save sharks incidentally caught in a tuna purse seine net. 

ISSF tests best practices for bycatch mitigation and sharing these findings through scientific reports, info-graphics and now video. The findings of this particular video were encouraging, with electronic tag data showing that 100 percent of tagged sharks survived past 21 days post-release.

ISSF believes this could be a relatively simple way for fishers to prevent sharks from becoming entangled when they’re caught in nets, and to free them quickly without harm.

Watch the video here

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INFOGRAPHIC: Reducing Shark Bycatch

This infographic shows steps that can be taken in purse seine fisheries, before and after the tuna catch, including methods for avoiding catching them or releasing them safely back to the water. 

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