Download Our INFOFISH Tuna 2018 Presentations
Four ISSF senior leaders and board members presented at the INFOFISH conference May 28-30 in Bangkok. “Braving Challenges: Towards a Traceable and Sustainable Tuna Industry” was the conference theme.

ISSF President Susan Jackson’s presentation, “Efforts toward a Sustainable Tuna Industry,” detailed our organization’s goals in tuna conservation and fishery sustainability — including support for fisheries improvement projects (FIPs) and all tuna fisheries becoming capable of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification without conditions. She also highlighted ISSF’s related policy-advocacy efforts with Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs).

Dr. Victor Restrepo, ISSF’s Vice President of Science, outlined how purse-seine fisheries can improve their FAD monitoring and management. Drawing on a new ISSF scientific report (2018-05), he summarized best practices for fisheries that are in FIPs and seeking MSC certification to follow — encompassing FAD data reporting, limits on FADs and FAD sets, and non-entangling FADs.

In addition, ISSF Board Chair Luciano Pirovano’s keynote address opened the conference, and Board Vice-Chair Bill Fox of World Wildlife Fund-US presented on how FIPs can “accelerate” tuna sustainability.

Download Jackson Presentation (PDF) 

Download Restrepo Presentation (PDF)

Explore our Strategic Objectives for FIPs

ISSF’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan lays out how our organization will continue to help tuna fisheries improve — and advance their sustainability efforts — so they can become capable of meeting stringent MSC criteria.

To learn more about our commitment to fisheries improvement, especially our range of resources for FIPs, visit our Advancing Sustainable Tuna Fisheries microsite.

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