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BLOG: Tuna Research

Decoding the acoustic signatures of bigeye and skipjack tuna at sea could help fishers estimate the number of fish by species and size — and reduce bycatch. One species at a time, ISSF researchers confirm the value of an innovation that improves echo-sounding technology.

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Mapping ISSF Research

A map infographic shows the locations and extent of ISSF’s research with tuna fleets, including at-sea research cruises and biodegradable FAD projects, since 2011. Some of the research projects also have included government and NGO partners.

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FIP Resource Finder

ISSF maintains the FIP Resources Finder as an online tool for fisheries that matches more than 200 ISSF reports, guidebooks, and other resources to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Principles and Performance Indicators (PIs).

The Finder is designed for tuna fishery improvement projects (FIPs) seeking information and support to address issues in fisheries, earn passing scores on MSC PIs, to achieve MSC fishery certification and ultimately to close conditions in a certified fishery.

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WATCH: ISSF’s Impact on Tuna Sustainability   

This video, which features interviews with ISSF scientist-consultants and Scientific Advisory Committee members, explores ISSF’s unique approach to tuna and fisheries management as well as ocean conservation.

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