Fishing capacity An indicator used to assess the fishing pressure caused by a fishing fleet. Fishing capacity can be expressed in terms of tonnage and/or engine power, and sometimes as the number of vessels and their average size. Larger vessels are generally considered to lead…

Fleet size The number of vessels in a fleet that is directly related to the fleet’s fishing capacity.

Dispute Advisory Body A body to advise ISSF on questions related to the implementation of ISSF’s Capacity Resolution 6.2 and any other vessel‑related issues. The body is re‑formed ad‑hoc for each assessment.

Closed vessel registry Capacity‑management tool to progressively reduce the fishing pressure on fishing resources, by establishing a limited entry of vessels on an official list of vessels permitted to operate in a region. See also Capacity management

Capacity building The process of assisting organizations, communities, and other groups in developing needed skills and resources to ensure effectiveness and self‑sufficiency.

Capacity management Management of fishing capacity in order to achieve stated objectives. Capacity is usually managed to make it commensurate with the productivity of fish stocks so as to prevent overexploitation.