The Record of Large-Scale Purse Seine Vessels (LSPSR) is made publicly available as required by ISSF Conservation Measure 6.1 (Transaction Ban for Large-Scale Purse-Seine Vessels not Actively Fishing for Tuna as of December 31, 2012).

The LSPSR has been put together based on the Tuna RFMO Regional Vessel Registers, the IHS Register, with additional information supplied by National Administrations, research institutes and the tuna fishing industry. The Record is updated periodically.

ISSF invites any user to notify it of any errors or omissions. ISSF does not independently verify vessel characteristics (including capacity) when listing vessels on the Record. However, when a vessel is permanently retired from the Record, vessel characteristics must be verified by a third-party auditor if the vessel’s capacity is used to bring a “new” vessel online.

An asterisk ( * ) after the vessel name indicates that the vessel has met all of these conditions:

  • Has sunk, has been scrapped or otherwise permanently transferred out of the tropical tuna fishery
  • Had not ceased fishing operations prior to January 1, 2010
  • Has provided a Vessel Removal Form or Vessel Replacement Form

These vessels may be eligible to be replaced by newly built large-scale purse seine vessels; please refer to ISSF Conservation Measure 6.2 for all requirements.

ISSF invites any user to notify us of any errors or omissions.

Large-Scale Purse Seine Record

View all the vessels in the LSPSR.