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ISSF 2019-10: Tuna RFMO Compliance Assessment Processes: A Comparative Analysis to Identify Best Practices*

Date Added: July 5, 2019
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Tags: Best Practices, CCSBT, Compliance, IATTC, ICCAT, IOTC, Koehler, RFMOs, WCPFC
Authors: Koehler
Language: English
report_type: Technical Report


Each of the five international regional fisheries management organizations responsible for highly migratory species (“tuna RFMOs”) has an annual mechanism to monitor and assess the compliance of members, and in some cases cooperating non-members (CNMs), with their obligations under the RFMO convention and its conservation and management measures.

This technical report — updated in June 2019 — examines each of these tuna RFMO compliance mechanisms with respect to the range of obligations and commitments that are assessed, the current operational conditions of each compliance assessment process, what tools are available to respond to instances of non-compliance, and the public availability of information about the level of compliance of RFMO members or CNMs and their actions to address areas of identified non-compliance.

The recommendations of each of the most recent tuna RFMO Performance Review Panels with respect to compliance are reviewed and cross-cutting themes are identified. The report also reviews what actions have been taken to date by the RFMOs in response to their Performance Review Panel recommendations. In the final section of the report, the results of the survey of tuna RFMO compliance processes are used to identify a set of best practices for monitoring, assessing, and addressing non-compliance in RFMOs.

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