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ISSF 2017-03: ISSF Skippers' Workshops Round 6

Date added May 8, 2017
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Tags Biodegradable FADs, Bycatch, Bycatch Mitigation, Moreno, Murua, Purse Seine, Restrepo, Skipper Workshops
Author(s) Jefferson Murua , Gala Moreno, Dave Itano, Martin Hall, Laurent Dagorn and Victor Restrepo


In 2016, ISSF Skippers Workshops visited 14 locations in seven countries, covering 12 purse seine fleets with the participation of 343 skippers and other 216 stakeholders. This report summarizes the results, including participants’  acceptance levels of various bycatch mitigation activities and advances in the adoption of best fishing practices.

ISSF 2017-03 notes that several bycatch mitigation activities, such as entanglement-minimizing FAD designs, continued to grow in three out of four oceans. Biodegradable FADs, which reduce the environmental pollution caused by stranding FADs, were generally well accepted across fleets. The best bycatch release methods from deck also are widely accepted, with some fleets routinely applying them in daily fishing.  The use of FADs with echo-sounder buoys continues to increase in all oceans as well.

The report covers bycatch mitigation activities in detail. It also presents novel ideas and improvements suggested and shared by fishers in workshops, and describes a unique train-the-trainer program piloted in Indonesia.