We offer Skippers Workshops for purse seine vessels of all sizes, and also have hosted sessions for longline fleets on seabirds and sea turtle bycatch mitigation.

ISSF Skippers Workshops are free of charge and offered at convenient tuna port locations for:

Workshop attendance fulfills the requirement for ISSF conservation measure 3.4. Contact Dr. Jefferson Murua at jmurua@azti.es with workshop questions.

Customized and Special Topic Workshops

ISSF scientist-consultant Dr. Murua conducts many of the workshops. Other collaborating expert scientists for each ocean region — Dr. Gala Moreno (Atlantic and Eastern Pacific), Dr. Laurent Dagorn (Indian), Dr. Martin Hall (Eastern Pacific), and David Itano (Western and Central Pacific) — are involved.

Some nations’ fleets tend to have smaller vessels — without certain technology or equipment on board — and bycatch-mitigation techniques need to be adapted for their fisheries.

Workshops can be customized based on a fleet’s fishing concerns, vessel location, vessel size, or bycatch species interactions. As one example, read about our sea turtle work with Costa Rican longline fishers.

ISSF also invites fishers to workshops to address specific, urgent issues in the three oceans. Our biodegradable FAD workshops, which have been held in Spain and Ghana, are another example: Fishers and scientists proposed bFAD designs that may be able to reduce the amount of plastic and non-natural materials used in FADs. Workshop participants also have discussed how to reduce FAD marine litter.

Our report on 2018 workshops covers fishers’ bycatch-mitigation acceptance levels, ideas for mitigation improvements, and other topics.

Train-the-Trainer Programs

To reach more fishers in the world’s most active tuna-fishing regions, we have offered “train-the-trainer” programs over the past three years.

In Indonesia, for example, ISSF has partnered with local fisheries scientists from the Center for Fisheries Research and Development (CFRD) to host workshops for area fishers scattered across the numerous ports of the archipelago — in person, and in native languages. Read more about these programs in our report on 2018 workshops.

Skippers Workshops

Several thousand skippers, other crew, ship owners, fleet managers, fleet representatives, officials, and scientists have attended our workshops to date.

April 9, 2019 Manta, Ecuador 64 participants
May 3, 2019 Jakarta, Indonesia 30 participants
May 6, 2019 Sibolga, Indonesia 31 participants
June 10, 2019 Mazatlan, Mexico 20 participants
June 26-27, 2019 General Santos, Philippines (incl. biodegradable FADs workshop) 32 participants
July 1-2, 2019 Majuro, Marshall Islands 8 participants
Aug. 30, 2019 Manta, Ecuador 173 participants
Sept. 5, 2019 Zadar, Croatia (biodegradable FADs)  
Feb. 26-27, 2018 Accra, Ghana (biodegradable FADs) 77 participants
April 11, 2018 Majuro, Marshall Islands  27 participants
May 7, 2018 Bitung (Sulawesi), Indonesia 51 participants
May 9, 2018 Prigi (Java), Indonesia 31 participants
May 11, 2018 Pekalongan (Java), Indonesia 45 participants
June 11, 2018 Dakar, Senegal (biodegradable FADs) 18 participants
July 16, 2018 Vigo, Spain 89 participants
August 14, 2018 Manta, Ecuador 135 participants
August 16, 2018 Panama City, Panama 12 participants
August 20, 2018 San Diego, U.S.A. 15 participants
August 28-31, 2018 Yaizu, Japan 29 participants
October 1, 2018 Lima, Peru 54 participants
October 15, 2018 Concarneau, France 24 participants
November 15-22, 2018 Sukarrieta, Spain 75 participants
Jan. 10-11, 2017 Manta, Ecuador 117 participants
Feb. 21, 2017 Tema, Ghana 56 participants
March 27, 2017 San Diego, U.S.A. 19 participants
April 3, 2017 Majuro, Marshall Islands 11 participants
April 3-11, 2017 Sulawesi & Molucca Islands, Indonesia 136 participants
April 6, 2017 Pohnpei, Micronesia 19 participants
Aug. 1, 2017 Zhoushan, China 24 participants
Aug. 10, 2017 Vigo, Spain 92 participants
Sept. 4-19, 2017 Sibolga, Lampulo, & Jakarta, Indonesia 105 participants
Sept. 29, 2017 Lima, Peru 38 participants
Oct. 4, 2017 Manta, Ecuador 72 participants
Oct. 9, 2017 Concarneau, France 38 participants
Oct. 16-20, 2017 Sukarrieta, Spain 51 participants