March 10, 2020 update: We’ve awarded the contest prizes. Read our press release and blog post, and watch our video interview with the Grand Prize winner.

Marine-science graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who have innovative ideas for the next generation of sustainable fishing practices are invited to enter the ISSF Seafood Sustainability Contest.

The contest is open to eligible individuals and teams worldwide beginning March 13, 2019, through midnight December 31, 2019. Competition judges will announce one $45,000 Grand Prize winner and one $10,000 Runner-Up Prize winner on February 28, 2020. 

The Grand Prize includes a trip (airfare and travel expenses paid for) for the winning individual or team representative  to attend a major tuna sustainability conference or event selected by ISSF with the potential to present the winning idea to diverse stakeholders.

Watch a video about the contest, which commemorates ISSF’s “Decade of Discovery” 10th anniversary celebration. Our interactive timeline highlights 10 years of ISSF contributions to sustainable fishing.


Before you submit your proposal online to the ISSF Seafood Sustainability Contest, read the Official Rules and ISSF Privacy Policy.

Contest proposals must focus on one or more of these challenges in tropical tuna purse-seine fisheries that use Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs):

A panel of five judges composed of experts from academia and the fishing industry will determine the winners based on the originality of the idea, conservation impact, impact on skipjack catches, degree to which idea has been tested, feasibility of industry-wide implementation, and cost effectiveness. The judges are:

  • Victor Restrepo, ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Chair 
  • Josu Santiago, ISSF SAC Member
  • Laurent Dagorn, ISSF SAC Member / Chair of SAC Bycatch Steering Committee
  • Gala Moreno, ISSF Consultant
  • Miguel Herrera, OPAGAC